Skateboarding Safety

Skateboard Ordinances

In order to keep skateboard riders as safe as possible, the College of Charleston has developed nine ordinances that it enforces for anyone using this means of transportation.

  1. Stick to Proper Streets

    There are only certain places in the city that you can legally ride your skateboard. Most streets within campus are OK, including St. Philip Street. However, the following streets and sidewalks that border campus are restricted: Calhoun, Coming, Market and King Streets. See the map (streets marked in red are restricted from skateboard use).
  2. Wear Your Shoes

    You must always wear footwear while on your skateboard. Riding barefoot increases your risk of serious injury should an accident occur. Protect your feet by wearing shoes while riding. 
  3. Ride with Traffic

    A skateboarder must abide by the same traffic regulations as the operator of a motor vehicle.
  4. Don't Drink and Ride

    The same rules of alcohol consumption for vehicle drivers apply to skateboarders (i.e., you cannot be intoxicated or consume alcohol while skateboarding).
  5. No Assisted Riding

    You cannot grab onto or attach yourself to a vehicle or other device for propulsion.
  6. Use Proper Signals

    A skateboarder must use hand signals while on public streets to indicate turning, stopping and slowing down. Information on what proper hand signals are is available here
  7. Stay Visible, Stay Safe

    Skateboarders must be visible from a distance of at least 500 feet and visible at a height of 3 feet by using reflective clothing, lights or other visible gear.
  8. Keep to the Right

    Skateboarders must ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable. A skateboarder may ride on the shoulder of the road. And, if only one lane is available, the skateboarder may ride in a lane other than the right-hand lane to continue on his/her intended route.
  9. One Rider per Board

    A skateboard may not carry more persons than the number for which it is designed and equipped

For a detailed account of the College of Charleston's Skateboarding Ordinances click here.