Public Safety Bike Regulations

Public Safety Bike Policies

To fully enjoy your cycling experience at the College of Charleston be sure to observe The Department of Public Safety's Bike Policies:

  • Please read our new Bicycle Policy below, that is effective March 25, 2012
  • Bicycle registration is now mandatory at the College of Charleston
  • Bicycle registration is available at Public Safety 24x7
  • Public Safety is located at 81-B St. Philip St. Phone 843.953.5609

Why register your bike?

  • Bicycle registration has proven to be an important crime prevention tool for the police and is of great assistance in finding the rightful owners of bicycles;
  • The City of Charleston no longer requires bicycles to be registered.  Registrations are now optional under the provisions of City ordinance. You can still register your bike with the City here if preferred. 
  • The campus police will honor City of Charleston registrations, so for those members of the campus community with City-registered bicycles there is no need to also register them with the College.
  • Bikes may be impounded if not registered.


Check out a full list of formal Public Safety Bike Operation and Parking Policies.