Bike Share FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the College of Charleston bike share program?
Any current, full-time students are eligible to participate in the long-term bike share program. Any student, faculty, or staff member is eligible to participate in short-term bike rentals through Lime.
 How do I borrow a bike from the bike share?

For the long-term bike share you must fill out a reservation form - currently closed

For the short-term Lime bikes, you will need to download the Lime app & enter your information.

I plan on biking a lot in Charleston. Are there any alternatives to the long-term bike share?
If you aren't able to snag one of the free long-term bikes from the Center for Sustainable Development, Lime has a monthly subscription option
How do I complete the safety training to use a bike?
We have created a safety video for you to watch that includes all bike laws you are required to follow, as well as safety tips. Once you have watched the video and signed the waiver and terms and conditions, you have completed your training.
Can I get a discount on rentals through Lime bikes?

If you're enrolled in a public benefits program (SNAP, WIC, subsidized housing, etc.), Lime offers Lime Access. A valid ID and proof of enrollment in a public benefits program is needed to apply. 

When can I borrow bikes?

Long term bikes are given out by reservation, typically per semester.

Who operates the bike share?

The long-term bike share is managed by the Center for Sustainable Development. The Center for Sustainable Development is responsible for bike upkeep and maintenance, assessing fines, and general program design. 

The short-term bike share is managed by Lime, in partnership with the City of Charleston.

What kind of bikes can I rent?

The long-term bikes available are primarily cruisers, with at least one road bike typically available. Long-term bike rentals include a helmet, front and back lights, a kryptonite U-lock and a bike cover.

The short-term bikes available are all electronic bikes through Lime

Am I liable for a lost, stolen, or damaged bike?

Yes, the person checking out the bike is responsible for its safe return of the bike as well as the safe return of the helmet, lock, bike lights and bike cover. Be sure to report any damage to the Center for Sustainable Development BEFORE you take the bike.

What should I do in the event of an unforeseen situation?

In the event of an unforeseen situation, such as a bike or lock malfunction, notify the Center for Sustainable Development (for long-term). Please provide the details of the situation and whether or not you will be able to return the bike or not.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Helmets should be worn at all times, as demonstrated in the bike safety video.

Where can I find out more about biking in the Lowcountry?

Our additional resources page provides information about area bike shops and regional organizations dedicated to cycling here in the Lowcountry and state of South Carolina.