Community Resources

Check out these great additional resources about alternative transportation and cycling initiatives here in the Lowcountry and the State of South Carolina, brush up on state bike laws and your rights as a cyclist, or find a bike shop!

Alternative Transportation

There are many ways to commute to the College of Charleston’s campus.  You do not need to feel like that driving is the only option. Driving can be expensive in Charleston from paying to park, gas costs, wear and tear on your car, and the constant risk of parking citation. Alternative Transportation also eases up on congestion in Charleston which makes a more pleasant place for everyone.  It is always nice to have options in your transportation, and we encourage you to explore the options that the College of Charleston and the City of Charleston have to offer.

The Transit App

The City of Charleston is one of the cities that is part of the FREE Transit App (  This app can give you real time routes, data, and suggestion for traveling around Charleston.  The app compares routes so you can see which one is viable for your trip. It gives real time alerts like change of routes, and it will show clear CARTA timetables.  The simplicity of the app will empower you to step in the direction of alternative transportation.


CARTA is the public transportation system in Charleston.  It is FREE for students, Faculty, and Staff with a Cougar Card.  It is a great way to get around especially when destinations are out of reach for biking or walking.  With the Transit App it makes it easy to find out what bus route is the best for your commute.

CARTA Perks:

-          Rack and Ride- Buses have racks on the front of the bus which allow you to transport your bike with you

-          CARTA goes to the airport! – that means free rides to the airport with your Cougar Card

-          HOP- Park and ride that is located at 999 Morrison Drive.  It is $5 to park and then there is a free shuttle downtown.  This service is available every 15 minutes 6am to 3am.

-          ADA Compliant Buses and Tel-A-Ride- All CARTA buses are ADA compliant with ramps and priority seating.  There is also TEL-A-Ride which allows for wider access to transportation for people with disabilities. For more information please visit:

-          IT’S FREE!- Once again CARTA is free for students, faculty and staff with Cougar Card


Carpooling is a great option when you have a buddy to travel with.  It allows for one less car on the road, one less needed parking spot, and one less trip alone.  If you and a buddy have similar schedules and live near each other, you could both pitch in to get a carpool parking pass for the College of Charleston.  Here is the regulations the College of Charleston have for carpool parking passes:

Car pool Permits – Employees or students wishing to participate in a car pool must make this request in person in the Parking Services office, with both members of the prospective carpool present. One request should be submitted in the person's name that has the highest seniority. A vehicle registration must be presented for each vehicle that may be driven by a car pooler, but only one permit will be issued. Residence Hall students are not eligible to participate in a car pool. All participants in a carpool must carry the same classification (employee OR student).


The College of Charleston has a FREE Bike Share program for students, staff, and faculty.  You are able to barrow a bike from the Stern Center for 48 hrs. If you already have a bike, click here for all you need to know about biking in Charleston.

City of Charleston's Interactive Bike Map

Explore this interactive map for cycling routes, shops, and parking areas in Charleston.

Biking Organizations

Charleston Moves is an area non-profit that "encourages mobility by bicycle (and on foot) for the improved health and well-being of greater Charleston — our people, neighborhoods, business districts and overall economic competitiveness."

Palmetto Cycling Coalition is a member-supported non-profit organization working to improve bicycling access, safety and education in South Carolina. We are dedicated to making South Carolina more bicycle friendly, and we believe in the value of bicycling for healthy lifestyles and communities across our Palmetto state.

Bike Law is a web site dedicated to helping educate cyclists. Bike Law is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of bicycle riders in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and beyond. 

Safe Streets Save Lives is a public and private partnership that is working to improve bicycle safety on South Carolina roads.

Charleston Area Bike Shops

Here is a list of some of the many great bike shops that can be found around the city!

What Can I Do With My Used Bike Parts?

Looking for a sustainable way to dispose of your old bikes or used parts? Ride Bikes, a local bike shop located on St. Andrews Blvd. in West Ashley recycles and reuses parts from old bikes! Be sure to think about heading their way before throwing out old inner-tubes or parts.

Car Share

If there is a situation you need a car, you can through Enterprise.  The College of Charleston have a partnership which gives you a reduced price on a car rental.  Sign up here: