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Equipment and Accessories

The Bike Share program has a variety of bike equipment and accessories to make your ride in Charleston easier and safer. Below, you'll find a catalog of all the equipment available from the program.

Equipment Catalog


Bike Share Bike

There are 15 bikes available for checkout, a mixture of 3G Isla Vista and Sun Revolutions Beach Cruisers, all of which were purchased from local bike shops. All bikes have been registered with the Public Safety Office and can be identified by the gold number or letter located on the top tube of the bike.


Bike Share HelmetWearing proper head protection greatly reduces your risk of serious injury should an accident occur. It is highly encouraged that anyone checking out a bike also check out a helmet too. 


Bike Share Trailer It can be dangerous to bike with lots of items in a city like Charleston where many of the streets are narrow. To make carrying items safer, Bike Share Trailers are available for anyone who checks out a Bike Share bike. On the bottom of each trailer are instructions for how to attach it to one of the bikes. We highly recommend that anyone going grocery shopping using a Bike Share bike also check out a trailer. 


Front LightIt's dangerous to ride a bike at night time without proper lighting. To keep our Bike Share users safe, bright LED front lights are available for anyone planning on riding after hours. 


Back LightEqually as important as being able to see at night time, is being able to be seen at night time. These back lights will ensure that anyone approaching you on the road at night will know that you are there.